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Legal Developments and Human Rights


Rwanda Court Takes Positive Stand on Religious Discrimination

The Intermediate Court of Karongi upheld the right to religious freedom for eight Witness students. Will the ruling help to end religious discrimination in all Rwanda’s schools?


Israel’s Supreme Court Upholds Witnesses’ Right to Peaceful Assembly

Israeli authorities took a stand against religious intolerance and discrimination by defending Jehovah’s Witnesses’ right to gather for peaceful worship.


European Court of Human Rights Accepts Georgia’s Admission About Violating the Rights of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Georgia acknowledged that annulling the Witnesses’ legal entities ‘was not justified.’ The government’s action led to years of persecution and violence against the Witnesses.


Jehovah’s Witnesses Call for End to Unjust Detention in Azerbaijan

Irina Zakharchenko and Valida Jabrayilova are being treated as dangerous criminals for talking to others about their beliefs. Will Azerbaijan live up to its claim of religious tolerance?


Jehovah’s Witnesses Call for End to Unjust Detention in Azerbaijan

Will Azerbaijan honor its claim of religious tolerance by releasing two innocent women, Irina Zakharchenko and Valida Jabrayilova, and permitting the Witnesses to worship in peace?


Ukraine Courts Recognize Right to Conscientious Objection During Military Mobilization

Ukrainian courts have ruled that the rights of conscientious objectors cannot be restricted in the interests of national security.


Dorothy Covington, Wife of Civil Liberties Attorney Hayden Covington, Dies at 92

As a legal assistant, Dorothy helped Hayden Covington and Victor Schmidt defend the civil liberties of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the 1940’s and 1950’s.


Jehovah’s Witnesses Raise Awareness of ECHR Judgment in Georgia

In April 2015, a campaign will provide law enforcement officials with facts about a recent European Court of Human Rights judgment and the religious activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Rising Religious Intolerance in Azerbaijan

Officials obstruct peaceful religious activity by imposing heavy fines and jail sentences on Jehovah’s Witnesses. Will Azerbaijan’s high authorities correct this injustice?


Democratic Republic of Congo Prohibits Religious Discrimination in Schools

Authorities acted decisively to prohibit church-sponsored schools from ignoring students’ rights. Over 300 Witness children have been unjustly expelled on religious grounds.


Religious Freedom at a Crossroads in Kyrgyzstan

On December 24, 2014, the Supreme Court upheld the right of all citizens, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, to share their religious beliefs with their neighbors. Can Witnesses in southern Kyrgyzstan now enjoy religious freedom?