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Legal Developments and Human Rights


European Court of Human Rights Rules That Turkey Must Recognize Kingdom Halls as “Places of Worship”

Although the legal status of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Turkey has gradually improved, they still suffer discrimination in their efforts to build and own recognized places of worship.


Will South Korea Protect Freedom of Conscience?

Seon-hyeok Kim, a conscientious objector, was previously acquitted of evading military service. Why did the appeal court overturn the verdict and convict him?


Warning Issued to Witnesses’ Headquarters in Russia Threatens Religious Freedom

The Witnesses in Russia could find themselves in a situation where they are free to believe as they wish, but not free to practice their religion.


Turkmenistan Obligated to Remedy Human Rights Violations

In four recent decisions, the UN Human Rights Committee concluded that the government of Turkmenistan wrongly punished conscientious objectors.


Personal Status Rights at Issue for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Palestinian Territories

The religious discrimination that prevents legal recognition of the Witnesses should not preclude their basic human rights.


Will Victims of Police Brutality in Osh Receive Justice?

Jehovah’s Witnesses plead with the Prosecutor General’s Office to take decisive action and prosecute those who perpetrated this violent act.


Azerbaijan Convicts and Releases Irina Zakharchenko and Valida Jabrayilova

Why was the abusive treatment of two innocent women justified by a conviction?


Russian Authorities Fabricate Evidence to Charge Witnesses With Extremism

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Sevastopol and Balakovo foiled attempts by officials to plant banned literature in their places of worship and use it to charge them with extremism.