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AUGUST 7, 2018

Carr Wildfire Blazes Near Redding, California

A massive wildfire continues to burn near Redding, California, since igniting on July 23, 2018. The fire, named after the location where it ignited, has killed eight people, consumed more than 110,000 acres, and destroyed over 1,300 buildings.

No major injuries have been reported among the publishers living in the affected areas, although one of our brothers suffered burns that were not life-threatening while operating a bulldozer to assist firefighters to contain the blaze. Additionally, a total of 454 brothers and sisters have been displaced and are temporarily staying in the homes of their relatives or other publishers. The homes of 12 Witness families have been destroyed.

All publishers have been accounted for and the circuit overseers, together with local elders, are cooperating to provide the necessary spiritual and material assistance to our brothers during this distressful time.—Proverbs 17:17.