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NOVEMBER 20, 2019

Wildfires Scar California Countryside

In recent months, multiple wildfires have blazed across the state of California, charring some 362 square kilometers (140 sq mi) and leaving a massive burn scar on the landscape.

The United States branch reports that more than 1,700 brothers and sisters had to evacuate due to the various fires. No injuries or fatalities have been reported. The Sandalwood Fire in Calimesa that started on October 10, 2019, destroyed the home of one of our brothers. Also, some homes have sustained minor smoke damage. Almost all who evacuated have been able to return home.

“We can’t overstate the importance of obeying direction in these cases,” stated one elder who lives in one of the affected areas. “Our brothers quickly evacuated the danger zones, and this allowed firefighters to concentrate on fighting the blaze instead of searching for people.”

Circuit overseers and local elders continue to coordinate relief supplies for evacuees. The loving concern and hospitality demonstrated by publishers in the surrounding areas have been outstanding. Regarding this outpouring of Christian love, one circuit overseer noted, “We had no problem finding housing for all those displaced.”

We are grateful to Jehovah for those who “have become a source of great comfort” for our brothers and sisters affected by these wildfires.—Colossians 4:11.