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JULY 12, 2019

Miami, United States (English)—2019 “Love Never Fails”! International Convention

  • Dates: July 5-7, 2019

  • Location: Marlins Park in Miami, Florida, United States

  • Program Languages: English, Chinese Mandarin

  • Peak Attendance: 28,000

  • Total Number Baptized: 181

  • Number of International Delegates: 5,000

  • Invited Branches: Australasia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine

  • Local Experience: Francis X. Suarez, mayor of the city of Miami, visited the convention site on Sunday and commented: “I love the fact that the message is ‘Love Never Fails’! It’s a very positive message.” He added: “I think [the convention] is nothing but good for any major city in the United States or around the world.”


Young ones helping to welcome the delegates to Miami International Airport

Delegates and local witnesses inviting the community to the convention

Delegates receiving personal copies of the revised New World Translation in Chinese, which was released on Friday

Delegates taking notes during the session

Three of the 181 new brothers and sisters getting baptized

Local brothers and sisters greeting delegates and exchanging gifts

Missionaries and Bethelites in foreign service on the field waving to the crowd on Sunday afternoon

Brother Lösch greeting special full-time servants after the program on Sunday

Young ones entertaining delegates with song during the evening gathering