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SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

Hurricane Sally Inundates Southeastern United States

Hurricane Sally Inundates Southeastern United States


Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi


  • The slow-moving Category 2 storm made landfall in Alabama on September 16, 2020. It dumped several feet of rain in the span of a few hours, causing heavy flooding

  • Strong winds caused severe property damage and widespread power outages

Effect on our brothers and sisters

  • 240 publishers had to evacuate

  • 1 publisher suffered a minor injury

Property damage

  • 143 homes and 11 Kingdom Halls have been lightly damaged

  • 12 homes and 1 Kingdom Hall have sustained extensive damage

Relief efforts

  • Two Disaster Relief Committees are coordinating with circuit overseers and local congregation elders to care for the spiritual and physical needs of our brothers and sisters in the affected area, while complying with COVID-19 health guidelines

One publisher admitted that in the immediate aftermath of the storm, she felt overwhelmed. But after receiving prompt assistance from a local congregation, she said appreciatively, “Now I feel overwhelmed by the love and support of the friends.”—1 John 3:18.