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Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall in Louisiana

Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall in Louisiana


Arkansas, Mississippi, western Louisiana, and eastern Texas


  • Category 4 Hurricane Laura made landfall in western Louisiana on August 27, 2020, causing extensive wind damage to property as well as major power outages

Effect on our brothers and sisters

  • We are saddened to report that an elderly sister passed away while being evacuated from a healthcare facility

  • Another sister suffered a minor injury

  • 3,992 publishers were temporarily displaced as a result of evacuations

Property damage

  • 10 homes of our brothers have been destroyed

  • 95 homes and 4 Kingdom Halls sustained heavy damage

  • 192 homes and 16 Kingdom Halls have been lightly damaged

Relief efforts

  • The United States branch has appointed a Disaster Relief Committee

  • Circuit overseers and local elders continue to help publishers find safe lodging while they are displaced from their homes


  • Brothers in surrounding areas made homes available for those evacuating, while all maintained safety protocols related to COVID-19. One brother who evacuated stated: “We see all of this as Jehovah’s blessing!”

By obeying direction and assisting others in times of need, our brothers and sisters in the areas affected by the hurricane “recommend [themselves] as God’s ministers.”—2 Corinthians 6:4.