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Brother Nazar Alliyev

FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Brother Nazar Alliyev Imprisoned for One Year for Conscientious Objection

Brother Nazar Alliyev Imprisoned for One Year for Conscientious Objection


On February 10, 2021, a Turkmen court convicted Brother Nazar Alliyev and sentenced him to one year in prison for conscientious objection.


Nazar Alliyev

  • Born: 2000 (Lebap Region)

  • Biography: Lives in Türkmenabat with his mother and two siblings. Enjoys playing volleyball and soccer. Has been diagnosed with two heart conditions. Works as a barber to help support his family

    Learned to love Bible principles from his mother. Baptized in 2015 at the age of 14. Known as a cheerful, generous, and humble young man. His family supports his neutral stand

Case History

On May 16, 2020, Brother Nazar Alliyev was taken to a military enlistment office. The officers pressured him to put on a military uniform, indicating his enlistment, but he refused. On May 28, Nazar met with officials another time and again refused to join the military. The next month, Nazar wrote a letter to the district enlistment office explaining his religious convictions.

On January 4, 2021, Nazar and his mother went to the prosecutor’s office of the Khojambaz district. Nazar explained why he was refusing military service and requested alternative service. Despite these efforts, the investigator said that a case would be filed against Nazar.

Nazar, now 20 years old, says: “When you rely on Jehovah in such situations, he gives you inner peace. You can speak calmly with Jehovah’s help.”

He further relates: “When I recall the events that have happened, I understand that Jehovah has always supported me. This reassures me that he will also help me in the future.”

Turkmenistan does not offer alternative civilian service. Consequently, young brothers who refuse military service on the grounds of conscientious objection face up to two years in prison. There are now 15 young brothers in prison in Turkmenistan for their neutrality.

We know that Jehovah will continue to “act in loyalty” with Nazar and our other young brothers in Turkmenistan.—Psalm 18:25.