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Brother Rustamjon Norov in Tajikistan before his release from prison

OCTOBER 12, 2021

Brother Rustamjon Norov, Now Released, Recognized for Exemplary Behavior During Imprisonment

Brother Rustamjon Norov, Now Released, Recognized for Exemplary Behavior During Imprisonment

As reported previously, Brother Rustamjon Norov, now 22 years old, was released early from prison in Tajikistan on September 21, 2021, because of an amnesty law that took effect earlier that month. He spent a total of three months in pretrial detention facilities. On May 10, 2021, he was transferred to a correctional facility in Yavan to continue serving a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence. Throughout his detention, trial, and imprisonment, those who observed Rustamjon were impressed by his good conduct and integrity.

On one occasion during Rustamjon’s trial, a colonel approached Rustamjon to shake his hand. The colonel related how much he respected Rustamjon’s fortitude, courage, and firmness. The colonel then said: “Every believer should be like you.” He added: “Just imagine that years from now, when alternative service is established in Tajikistan, your name will be among those who have made sacrifices for this legal right of citizens.”

While in prison, Rustamjon continued to provide an outstanding witness to others. Because of his exemplary behavior, he was invited by prison officials to take part in a special training course sponsored by the European Union designed to assist inmates in finding employment after their release. Upon completing the training, the prison administration awarded Rustamjon with a certificate as well as a letter of appreciation acknowledging his industriousness. Rustamjon relates that the authorities credited his exemplary behavior to his application of Christian principles.

Before his release from prison, Rustamjon was uncertain if the amnesty law would apply to him. However, other prisoners expressed their conviction that he would be released, citing his excellent reputation in the prison. Many prison officials also offered words of encouragement.

Loyal young Witnesses, like Rustamjon, imprisoned for their neutrality and steadfast in their integrity, let their “light shine before men.” Above all, these “fine works” bring praise and honor to Jehovah God.—Matthew 5:16.