During the night of Tuesday, February 6, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck near the east coast of Taiwan. Media reports indicate that at least 6 people have been confirmed dead and over 250 were injured. An additional 76 people are still missing.

No publishers were killed or injured in the earthquake. However, a building that houses both the Amis (an indigenous Taiwanese language) remote translation office and a Kingdom Hall located in Hualien, one of the worst-hit areas, was damaged. Additionally, an apartment where some members of the translation team live was severely damaged, requiring them to evacuate. Local brothers immediately arranged for temporary accommodations for those affected, and the Taiwan branch is helping to provide other necessities.

We pray that our affected brothers and sisters will have peace of mind during this distressing time, and that the brothers entrusted with caring for them will prove to “be like a hiding place from the wind.”—Isaiah 32:2.

Media Contacts:

International: David A. Semonian, Office of Public Information, +1-845-524-3000

Taiwan: Chen Yongdian, +886-3-477-7999