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Sister Danusha Santhakumar (left), a special pioneer, uses a visual aid during a Bible study. Brother and Sister Modaragamage (right), a married couple who serve at the Sri Lanka Bethel, conduct a Bible study with a deaf person over a video call

MAY 6, 2020

Publishers in Sign-Language Field Find Success in the Ministry Despite Isolation

Publishers in Sign-Language Field Find Success in the Ministry Despite Isolation

As is the case in many countries, authorities in Sri Lanka have established nationwide restrictions to combat the spread of COVID-19. To comply with these restrictions, our brothers and sisters in sign-language groups are using technology to reach deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

Vihanga Fernando, a pioneer sister, preaches by writing letters. Because many deaf people struggle to read written text, she makes use of pictures in her letters to illustrate Bible truths.

Using pictures and the Sinhala language, Sister Fernando explains in her letter that God’s name is Jehovah

Sister Rosie Chithravelautham was initially skeptical about conducting Bible studies using videoconferencing. She explains: “Whenever I have called deaf ones in the past, the signal was not good and it was hard for others to understand my signing.” But Rosie was determined to continue her ministry during the pandemic. She decided to try again. She has since been able to conduct three Bible studies, and her students now attend meetings via videoconference.

Nirosha Shiranthi, a deaf sister who got baptized in March 2020, had to overcome her fear of witnessing via video calls. She prayed to Jehovah about her concerns. Afterward, she applied to serve as an auxiliary pioneer during the Memorial season. Many deaf people responded to Nirosha’s invitations, and several of them wanted to learn more about the sign of the last days. Nirosha was able to start seven new Bible studies. She states: “When I have a share in the preaching work, I feel so happy. Even though we are stuck at home we can still preach. Jehovah always achieves his purpose.” Nirosha has decided to auxiliary pioneer continuously.

We are happy to learn about these positive experiences from Sri Lanka. They are the results of the efforts made by our deaf and hard-of-hearing brothers and sisters to praise Jehovah’s name.—Psalm 113:1.