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SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

Seoul, South Korea—2019 “Love Never Fails”! International Convention

  • Dates: September 13-15, 2019

  • Location: KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Seoul, South Korea

  • Program Languages: Chinese Mandarin, English, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese

  • Peak Attendance: 60,082

  • Total Number Baptized: 478

  • Number of International Delegates: 6,076

  • Invited Branches: Brazil, Czech-Slovak, Finland, France, Greece, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Scandinavia, United States, Vietnam

  • Local Experiences: Choi Ji-woong, CEO of a catering company that provided meals to the delegates, stated: “A staff member explained that this project showed him how kind Witnesses are in nature. I was particularly impressed by how foreign and Korean Witnesses showed love toward each other even though they were meeting for the first time. It was as if close friends were being reunited again. Although I have participated in many religious events, this event prepared by Jehovah’s Witnesses was a special experience.”

    Ahn Seon-ju, Eutteum Tour Agency board member, said: “After seeing how kind Jehovah’s Witnesses were and how they always smiled, I felt that a special reminder was needed for our bus drivers to be more like them. At first, I wondered what their secret was, but while working with the Witnesses, I was moved to find out that they truly loved and respected each other and put their faith in action. I was amazed to know how each Witness worked purely voluntarily. I started to reflect on how I should also change as I observed the Witnesses listen attentively to each other and always respond with a smile. Given the opportunity, I would like to work with Jehovah’s Witnesses again in the future.”

    Kim Gyo-Shik, MBC Munhwa Broadcasting Station Dae-jang-geum Theme Park management director, commented: “The event prepared by the Jehovah’s Witnesses was very moving. Although I am Catholic, this event shows exactly how true Christians should behave. Our staff members, including myself, have observed how Witnesses were cooperative and organized. They showed kindness to others and even asked for permission when using the smallest items in our facility. As if I was also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I felt very proud of them.”


A group of brothers and sisters enthusiastically greet international delegates arriving at the airport

Delegates, along with a local brother and sister, participate in public witnessing

Local sisters welcome delegates to the convention venue in the morning

A visiting sister takes a photograph of a local sister holding her young daughter

A sea of convention attendees listen to the convention session on Saturday

A brother interprets the baptism questions for a deaf-blind brother using tactile signing

Three sisters pay careful attention to the convention and take notes

Brother Stephen Lett delivers the closing talk on Saturday

An aerial shot of the six baptismal pools on Saturday afternoon

Visiting special full-time servants wave to the audience at the conclusion of the program on Sunday

A group of convention attendees, some dressed in native clothing, stand together for a photograph

At the Korea Bethel open house, visiting delegates view a photo collage showing countless brothers and sisters who have kept their Christian integrity

International delegates take a photograph with local sisters at one of the planned excursions

A group of sisters who performed a traditional Korean dance called buchaechum for visiting delegates pose for a photograph