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AUGUST 28, 2020

Record-Breaking Rainfall Wreaks Havoc on South Korea

Record-Breaking Rainfall Wreaks Havoc on South Korea


South Korea


  • Korea has been hammered by the longest monsoon season on record

  • The incessant rainfall has caused destructive flooding and landslides

Effect on our brothers and sisters

  • 16 publishers were temporarily displaced

Property damage

  • 30 homes were damaged

  • 19 Kingdom Halls were damaged

Relief efforts

  • The Korea branch has appointed three Disaster Relief Committees (DRCs)

  • The DRCs and circuit overseers in the affected circuits are working with local congregation elders to assist our brothers and sisters

  • Essential cleaning and stabilizing of damaged homes and Kingdom Halls are in progress


  • In Gurye city, one of the worst-affected areas, Brother Min-seong Lee and his wife had to evacuate their home and leave behind all their possessions. Their home was completely flooded. Once relief efforts could safely begin, representatives of a DRC cleaned the Lees’ home and provided the couple with essential items. The brothers serving on the DRC also provided emotional and spiritual comfort. Regarding the help she and her husband received, Sister Lee said: “I am so grateful for their help. Everything they did was amazing. They took care of matters as though they were caring for their own homes. It’s true that I’ve lost a lot, but in actuality I’ve gained much more than I’ve lost.”

We are grateful that Jehovah, “the God of all comfort,” is continuing to care for our brothers and sisters in Korea during this difficult time.—2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.