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Brother Yevgeniy Yegorov

APRIL 1, 2021

Russian Court Infringes on Brother Yevgeniy Yegorov’s Religious Freedom

Russian Court Infringes on Brother Yevgeniy Yegorov’s Religious Freedom

Scheduled Verdict

The Birobidzhan District Court of the Jewish Autonomous Region will soon announce its verdict in the case involving Brother Yevgeniy Yegorov. * The prosecutor has yet to request a potential sentence.


Yevgeniy Yegorov

  • Born: 1991 (Birobidzhan)

  • Biography: Raised by his mother and grandmother. Studied electrical engineering. Works as a locksmith and repairman. An avid reader and writer. Has published a novel and a collection of poems. Baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2005. Married his wife, Kseniya, in September 2019. They had a baby boy in August 2020

Case History

In May 2018, Federal Security Service (FSB) agents carried out mass home searches in Birobidzhan. Shortly before his wedding, Yevgeniy was charged with the “crimes” of practicing his faith and reading the Bible. He was placed under travel restrictions. Yevgeniy’s mother, Larisa Artamonova, was also charged immediately following the wedding. In December 2019, criminal court proceedings began at the Birobidzhan District Court.

Yevgeniy expresses that he now feels closer to Jehovah. He relates: “During the most difficult moments, Jehovah calmed me down and gave me the ‘power beyond what is normal.’”—2 Corinthians 4:7.

Even with Jehovah’s help, Yevgeniy knows he must prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for what lies ahead. He explains: “For me, the main thing is to keep developing my relationship with Jehovah, regardless of my circumstances.”

Despite their challenges, we are confident that Yevgeniy and Kseniya, along with all our brothers and sisters in Russia, will find strength in the inspired words at Psalm 10:17: “But you will hear the request of the meek, O Jehovah. You will make their hearts firm and pay close attention to them.”

^ par. 3 Advance notice of the verdict date is not always available.