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Left to right: Brother Konstantin Bazhenov, his wife, Snezhana, and Sister Vera Zolotova

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Brother Konstantin Bazhenov, His Wife, and a 73-Year-Old Sister Face Conviction in Russia

Brother Konstantin Bazhenov, His Wife, and a 73-Year-Old Sister Face Conviction in Russia

Scheduled Verdict

On September 25, 2020, * the Yelizovsky District Court of the Kamchatka Territory is scheduled to announce its verdict in the case involving Brother Konstantin Bazhenov, his wife, Snezhana, and Sister Vera Zolotova. The prosecution has asked that Brother and Sister Bazhenov be fined 600,000 rubles ($7,850 U.S.) and Sister Zolotova 400,000 rubles ($5,235 U.S.).


Konstantin Bazhenov

  • Born: 1977 (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka Territory)

  • Biography: The oldest of four siblings. Has worked as a mechanic and taught at a technical school. Enjoys fishing

  • In 2001 married Snezhana, who was also a teacher. They have a daughter, Elizabeth. The family serves Jehovah

Snezhana Bazhenova

  • Born: 1977 (Shikotan Island, Sakhalin Oblast)

  • Biography: Raised in a single-parent household. Loves children and enjoyed teaching primary-school students. Currently, not allowed to work with young people because of the criminal charges against her

  • Learned about God and how to pray from her grandmother. This helped her to develop a spiritual interest and a love for the Bible

Vera Zolotova

  • Born: 1946 (Yelizovo, Kamchatka Territory)

  • Biography: Grew up in a large family. In 1966 married Yuri Zolotov. They have two children. She is a retired accountant. Enjoys hiking, skiing, and ice-skating

  • For years she searched for God. Examined many different religions. Was grateful to finally learn that God is just and loves people. Her husband never shared her beliefs. Yet, he was impressed by the Bible’s positive influence in her life

Case History

On August 19, 2018, the police searched three homes of Witnesses in the town of Yelizovo. A total of 11 brothers and sisters were arrested. They were interrogated for hours. Eventually, eight of the Witnesses were released. But the authorities filed criminal charges against Brother Bazhenov, his wife, and Sister Zolotova. They were placed in a temporary detention facility. After two days, the sisters were released. A judge ordered Brother Bazhenov to remain in detention. He was released eight days later.

While awaiting a verdict, we pray that the Bazhenovs and Sister Zolotova will continue to put their full trust in Jehovah. The Bible assures us that Jehovah will fill his loyal ones with joy and peace, and they will “abound in hope with power of holy spirit.”—Romans 15:13.

^ par. 3 Subject to change