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OCTOBER 17, 2019

Special Campaign in Puno, Peru, Reaches Aymara-Speaking People

From May 1 to August 31, 2019, the Peru branch organized a special preaching campaign in an effort to share the Bible’s message with Peruvians who speak Aymara, an indigenous language. The campaign was a resounding success. Participants placed 7,893 pieces of literature and showed our videos some 2,500 times. By the end of the campaign, our brothers had started 381 Bible studies.

There are approximately 450,000 Aymara speakers in Peru, almost 300,000 of whom live in the region of Puno. Currently, there are 331 Aymara-speaking publishers, who meet in seven congregations and eight groups. Since the territory is so vast compared to the number of publishers in Peru, Aymara-speaking publishers from Chile joined in the campaign effort. To reach Aymara-speaking residents, at times our brothers had to climb up to 5,000 meters (16,404 feet) above sea level and preach in temperatures of zero degrees Celsius (32ºF).

One group traveled several hours to an area where people from a nearby town were gathered for a funeral. The brothers and sisters were able to share with them the Bible’s hope for the dead. The local authorities and the grieving family thanked the brothers and sisters because of the effort they expended to share the Bible’s comforting message.

In another area, our brothers and sisters found a group of people who met together twice a week to study the Bible. The publishers discovered that the group was using the books The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived and My Book of Bible Stories, which they had received from a relative who lived in Bolivia. Once the group found out that our organization published these books, many of them began to study the Bible with the brothers and to attend our meetings.

Brother Albert Condor, an elder who took the lead in one group, commented: “My wife and I feel really happy to have been able to participate in this campaign. It has strengthened our faith in Jehovah because when we started traveling to the town, we weren’t sure exactly how we would get there, since the journey was difficult. When we arrived, we prayed to Jehovah to help us find a place to stay. He did. Those prayers have strengthened me, and seeing the trust that other brothers have in Jehovah has strengthened me as well.”

The brothers and sisters are happy to share life-giving waters of truth from God’s Word with the Aymara-speaking people in Puno, Peru.—Revelation 22:17.