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Over 66,000 attended the convention, which was supported by more than 6,200 local volunteers.

JANUARY 29, 2019

Peru Hosts Final Special Convention of 2018

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Peru welcomed 3,400 delegates from nine branches to the final “Be Courageous”! Special Convention of 2018, held from November 23 to 25. The convention originated at the Monumental Stadium in the capital city, Lima. The peak attendance at the stadium and the four satellite locations totaled 66,254. Additionally, 719 new brothers and sisters were baptized. The program was presented simultaneously in English, Peruvian Sign Language, Quechua Ayacucho, and Spanish.

A young attendee in the Monumental Stadium says goodbye on the final day of the convention.

A highlight of the event was the opportunity for delegates and local publishers to share together in the field ministry. Convention delegates also enjoyed some of the local food and culture and toured the Peru branch facilities.

Ezequiel Porras, a representative at the branch office in Peru, stated: “The effect of this special convention in Peru has been tremendous. Not only was it memorable for our brothers and sisters but it also proved to be an outstanding witness for the community. We thank Jehovah for this special opportunity to glorify his great name.”—1 Peter 2:12.


Several baptismal pools were placed at the Monumental Stadium, where 483 were baptized. An additional 236 were baptized at four satellite locations.

Delegates shared in the field ministry with local Witnesses.

Brother Samuel Herd, a member of the Governing Body, delivered the concluding talk each day.

A warm welcome awaited visitors as they arrived at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima.

The branch tour included a Bible exhibit on the preservation of the divine name in the Scriptures.

The brothers demonstrated how to make a variety of classic Peruvian foods during a group activity at an Assembly Hall. Here, ceviche is prepared and served for delegates.

The traditional art of spinning yarn is demonstrated. The wool is then often colored using natural dyes from plants.

Delegates touring the branch were able to enjoy a special evening gathering that featured a musical with the spiritual theme “Reaching Out.” The performance included traditional music, instruments, and dancing from the three principal regions of Peru: the coastal desert, the Andes Mountains, and the Peruvian rain forest.

A traditional dance from Trujillo is performed during the evening entertainment.

Several preaching scenarios were depicted during the evening musical. The adobe-style home and clothing presented here are characteristic of the Quechua people living in the mountainous countryside of Cuzco.

The entire cast waves goodbye at the conclusion of the evening performance.