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APRIL 5, 2019

“An Explosion of Delight”—Revised New World Translation Released in Two Nigerian Languages

On January 12, 2019, our brothers in Nigeria hosted a special meeting at the Benin City Assembly Hall in Nigeria. During the event, Geoffrey Jackson, a member of the Governing Body, announced the release of the revised New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures in Isoko and Yoruba. A total of 60,672 people tied in to the program. Satellite locations included 106 Kingdom Halls and 9 Assembly Halls in Nigeria, as well as venues in the neighboring country of Benin.

Brother Jackson with a family at the Benin City Assembly Hall in Nigeria

Brother Gad Edia at the Nigeria branch office reports: “It took three years and two months to complete the Isoko translation of the Bible, and three years and three months to translate the Yoruba edition.” He concludes: “In Nigeria, over 5,000 Witnesses speak Isoko and well over 50,000 speak and read Yoruba. When the brothers received their revised translations, one person described the audience’s reaction as an ‘explosion of delight.’ So we can say with confidence that the effort was well worth it!”

To date, Jehovah’s Witnesses have made the New World Translation available in whole or in part in 179 languages.

We are thankful that our brothers now can more easily read and study the Bible in these languages.—2 Timothy 3:17.