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NOVEMBER 17, 2020

The Book of Matthew Released in Gitonga and Ronga

The Book of Matthew Released in Gitonga and Ronga

On November 14 and 15, 2020, The Bible—The Gospel According to Matthew was released in digital format in Gitonga and Ronga, two languages of southern Mozambique. For the 524 Gitonga-speaking publishers and the 1,911 Ronga-speaking publishers, the release of this Bible book is a gift from Jehovah at just the right time.

Brother Amaro Teixeira, a member of the Mozambique Branch Committee, released the translations during a prerecorded program that was streamed to publishers. Additionally, our brothers were approved to broadcast the program on a national TV station and various local radio stations. Matthew will also be available as a 64-page booklet, since most readers have limited access to digital formats.

Brother Teixeira explains: “Bibles and Bible literature are very limited in these languages. We are very happy to have Matthew, since this gospel account contains a record of Jesus’ genealogy and birth, his famous Sermon on the Mount, and his dramatic prophecy about the last days.”

Commenting on the benefits of this accurate and easy-to-understand translation, one translator states: “The book of Matthew is so rich in its teachings. I can easily imagine readers shedding tears of appreciation as they read the Sermon on the Mount in the language of their hearts.”

Experts indicate that about 224,000 people speak Gitonga and some 423,000 people speak Ronga. We hope that these Bible translations will assist many more to find “the road leading off into life.”—Matthew 7:14.