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MAY 21, 2021

Conflict in Israel and Palestinian Territories

Conflict in Israel and Palestinian Territories


Israel and Palestinian Territories


  • On May 10, 2021, an armed conflict erupted in Israel and the Palestinian territories, which has led to numerous casualties

    A special pioneer couple shelter in a safe location in response to the authorities’ alarm

  • Violent unrest has led to private and public property damage in Israeli towns with intermingled Jewish and Arab populations

Effect on our brothers and sisters

  • None of the more than 2,000 publishers located in Israel and the Palestinian territories have suffered injuries

  • 73 publishers were displaced, including 15 special full-time servants in the field. 13 Bethelites needed to temporarily share apartments equipped with a bomb shelter

Property damage

  • 6 homes sustained minor damage

Relief efforts

  • A Disaster Relief Committee is coordinating relief efforts and is working with circuit overseers and local elders to provide practical assistance

  • The circuit overseers are also working with the elders to provide spiritual support to the publishers

  • All relief efforts are in accordance with COVID-19 safety protocols

Because spiritual events are now being held virtually, congregation meetings have continued uninterrupted. On May 15, brothers and sisters were able to view a livestream of their circuit assembly using JW Stream–Studio. The afternoon program was interrupted three times by alarms, which were sounded by the authorities. These alarms gave the brothers time to temporarily shelter in a suitable location for protection, such as a staircase or bomb shelter. Despite the conflict, a total of 804 publishers connected to the assembly in Hebrew. Additionally, 297 publishers connected to their assembly in Tagalog. On May 22, the five Arabic-speaking congregations in Israel and in the Palestinian territories are scheduled to hold their circuit assembly.

Our brothers and sisters affected by this challenging situation continue to trust in Jehovah and make him their refuge.—Psalm 91:1, 2, 5.