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JUNE 18, 2020

Translation Teams in India Overcome Obstacles During Pandemic

Translation Teams in India Overcome Obstacles During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for the 11 remote translation offices (RTOs) in India, which translate our publications into 36 languages. With Jehovah’s help, the translation teams are surmounting these obstacles and continuing their work.

Translation work depends heavily on collaboration. But as COVID-19 spread, India went into strict lockdown, making it impossible for translators to meet in person. Also, those responsible for audio and video recording could not hold recording sessions within the RTOs.

In the RTOs, in-person collaboration was replaced with videoconferencing and remote recording sessions. These methods have expanded the resources available to the translators as they can now be assisted by brothers and sisters from other countries, such as Bangladesh and the United States.

The brothers have also found creative ways to produce sign-language videos while maintaining physical distancing. Some translators have turned their bedrooms into studios and have created makeshift equipment, using cardboard boxes as camera tripods and cell phones in place of sophisticated cameras.

Along with these practical innovations, translators in the RTOs are depending on Jehovah to help them stay positive and productive during this time. Here are some of their expressions:

Brother Jose Francis from Kolkata stated, “When under difficult situations, humans may see a wall, but Jehovah can see a way around it.”

Sister Bindu Rani Chandan from Bangalore said, “Knowing that Jehovah is using me in these perilous times gives me immense joy despite challenges.”

Sister Rubina Patel from Vadodara expressed her feelings this way, “Nothing can stop Jehovah and his organization—not even the coronavirus.”

We are proud of our brothers and sisters who are working diligently in the translation work. We are certain that Jehovah’s powerful holy spirit is behind their success and that his spirit will also ensure the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy: “This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations.”—Matthew 24:14.