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Venezuela: A sister records a voice-over in the Warao language (top left), and two brothers who are part of the Piaroa translation team at work (bottom left). South Korea: A family views the 2020 convention program (right)


2020 Convention—Translators Successfully Meet Challenges

2020 Convention—Translators Successfully Meet Challenges

The “Always Rejoice”! 2020 Convention was one of the most distinctive in the modern history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The program was translated into over 500 languages and viewed virtually. Translators had to overcome a number of challenges, including limited resources and time constraints.

A member of the Kikuyu translation team in Kenya states: “Because of the branch lockdown, we had only a few voice actors available. We overcame this limitation by utilizing brothers and sisters from remote areas. We feel privileged to have seen Jehovah’s spirit in action.”

The Korean Sign Language translation team and Korean translation team faced similar issues. Remote workers who support the teams could not come to Bethel for recording sessions.

A makeshift studio set up in a brother’s home to record talks and videos in Korean Sign Language

To overcome this obstacle, brothers set up studios in their homes. Local brothers donated the majority of the needed recording equipment. Additionally, because all public assemblies had been canceled, the branch was able to use some of the cameras from Assembly Halls for recording the program into sign language.

In Venezuela, some translators struggled with poor Internet connections. Others faced a lack of equipment. But these resourceful translators used whatever was available to accomplish their task. For example, translators in one area used mattresses as sound barriers during recording sessions.

In Juba, South Sudan, a team translates into Zande. One of the translators says: “When I learned that we were going to record the whole convention program, I said to myself, ‘It is impossible! We cannot record the whole convention program with over 90 audio and video productions within two months.’ Now seeing that the project has been successful, I have complete trust that nothing can prevent Jehovah from accomplishing his will. His way of doing things is amazing!”—Matthew 19:26.

The “Always Rejoice”! 2020 Convention program was truly a gift from Jehovah, “whose will is that all sorts of people should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.”—1 Timothy 2:4.