Brothers and sisters in Georgia welcomed attendees from 18 countries to the “Be Courageous”! Special Convention held in the capital, Tbilisi, on July 20-22, 2018. This theocratic event, the first ever in Georgia, was marked by rich spiritual food, warm hospitality, and displays of the region’s vibrant culture and enduring history.

The convention originated from the Olympic Palace, an arena located in Tbilisi, with a peak attendance of 7,002. The program was streamed to approximately 80 other locations throughout the country, bringing the total attendance to over 21,500. A highlight of the convention was the baptism of 208 new brothers and sisters.

In addition to the spiritual program, the delegates enjoyed exhibitions of Georgian culture. Local Witnesses treated the visitors to performances of ethnic dances and music, tastes of the local cuisine, and tours of the ancient city of Tbilisi.

Tamaz Khutsishvili, a representative at the branch office in Georgia, stated: “The landscape of religious freedom in our country has not always been so favorable. But in this case, with the fine cooperation of the local authorities, it was an unforgettable experience to have the opportunity to welcome so many of our brothers and sisters to enjoy this peaceful event with us.”—Romans 15:7.