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SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

Gabon Special Preaching Campaign

To reach seldom-worked territories in Gabon, the Cameroon branch organized a special campaign from June 1 to August 31, 2019. The focus was to reach the residents of the ten most populated cities: Franceville, Koulamoutou, Lambaréné, Libreville, Makokou, Moanda, Mouila, Oyem, Port-Gentil, and Tchibanga. The campaign was an international effort, as it included 400 volunteers from Belgium, Canada, France, and the United States.

Over two million people reside in Gabon. While an estimated 80 percent of the population speak the official language, French, an estimated 30 percent also speak Fang as their mother tongue. Therefore, the campaign was conducted in both languages.

A Fang-speaking person interested in the Bible, who lives in the Bissegue quarter of Libreville, responded: “This was the very first time I have listened to the message of God in my own language!”

One sister who participated said: “This campaign has truly manifested the love and unity of Jehovah’s organization. The brothers and sisters were warm, hospitable, generous, encouraging, and truly loving. It reminds me of what Paul said about the congregation of Philippi—we have the ‘same mind and the same love, being completely united, having the one thought in mind.’”—Philippians 2:2.