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Satellite image depicting Cyclone Yasa and the affected islands of Fiji

JANUARY 7, 2021

Category Five Cyclone Yasa Strikes Fiji

Category Five Cyclone Yasa Strikes Fiji




  • On Thursday, December 17, 2020, severe Tropical Cyclone Yasa made landfall on Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu

  • Yasa is the second-strongest cyclone on record to hit Fiji. Winds were reported to have reached up to 260 km/hr (161 mph)

  • At least 30 congregations and isolated groups are located in the affected areas

Effect on our brothers and sisters

  • No brothers or sisters were injured

  • Initial reports indicate 20 families were displaced

  • The cyclone caused extensive crop damage, destroying the main source of food for 430 publishers in the area

Property damage

  • 10 homes were destroyed

  • 25 homes were damaged

  • 1 Kingdom Hall sustained minor damage

Relief efforts

  • The Fiji branch has appointed three Disaster Relief Committees (DRC). These DRCs have helped to provide humanitarian supplies to the affected publishers, such as fresh drinking water, clothing, food, and tarpaulins. Additionally, the DRCs have assisted those displaced to secure temporary housing

  • Representatives from the Fiji branch as well as circuit overseers in the area are making shepherding visits on those affected

  • All who are involved in the relief work and the shepherding visits are complying with COVID-19 safety guidelines

Though our brothers and sisters have suffered loss as a result of this intense storm, they are seeing the reality of the words recorded at Psalm 46:1: “God is our refuge.”