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APRIL 23, 2020

Witnesses in Ecuador Successfully Preach From Home

Witnesses in Ecuador Successfully Preach From Home

Our brothers and sisters around the world continue to adapt their ministry as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Publishers in Ecuador are having success using a variety of preaching methods to reach people with the good news.

In the city of Ambato, a seven-year-old publisher, along with her mother, sent text messages to her school teachers. Some of these read: “Good morning, teacher. I’m writing to send you a comforting message because of the times we are living in. The Bible offers us a better future in Revelation 21:4. I’m sending you a link with more information.”

One teacher wrote back: “Thank you, my lovely girl. Even at your young age, your words are very wise.” Another teacher thanked her and asked if there is a digital version of My Book of Bible Stories. The teacher explained that she used to have a copy but loaned it to another student. The young publisher explained to her teacher that she could download the book from

A married couple in the city of Quevedo searched through their contact lists to find people who are not Witnesses and sent this text message to them: “I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Because of the crisis that is affecting the country and the entire world, we aren’t able to preach from house to house, but we would like very much to talk to you by videoconference.”

The majority agreed to such a meeting. One contact, a woman who had not been receptive when Witnesses preached to her in the past, thanked the couple and commended their initiative. The woman explained that she feels stressed over the current situation. The couple sent the woman the Awake!, No. 1 2020, entitled “Find Relief From Stress,” in PDF format. In a subsequent conversation, the woman expressed her appreciation for the magazine and revealed that she had read it multiple times.

A deaf sister named Johana, from the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, “wrote” a letter using pictures. * She then took a photograph of it and sent it via text message to all of her contacts who are deaf. However, among the recipients was a hearing woman. The woman quickly wrote back asking questions. Since Johana didn’t understand the questions, a hearing pioneer sister named Rhonda followed up on the interest.

The interested woman explained to Rhonda that the drawings that Johana had sent to her caught her attention. She asked whether there are other verses in the Bible that also speak about what is happening on the earth. Rhonda read to her Luke 21:10, 11 and sent the woman links to the videos Why Does God Allow Suffering? and Why Did God Create the Earth? The woman is willing to have another conversation.

Just as the apostle Paul continued “bearing thorough witness concerning the Kingdom of God” while he was imprisoned, our brothers continue taking advantage of every opportunity to preach, even though they cannot leave their homes.—Acts 28:23.

^ Since many deaf people struggle to understand written text, in the sign-language field a number of publishers draw illustrations to represent concepts rather than write out words. One technique that is commonly employed is “mind mapping.” A mind map uses pictures to organize ideas and concepts.