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Severely damaged buildings on the main street of Petrinja, Croatia

JANUARY 8, 2021

Severe Earthquake Pummels Croatia

Severe Earthquake Pummels Croatia


Near the town of Petrinja, 50 kilometers (31 mi) south of Zagreb, Croatia


  • On December 29, 2020, Croatia was hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake. It is considered the largest earthquake in Croatia ever recorded

Effect on our brothers and sisters

  • None of the 91 publishers in the area were injured

  • 29 publishers were displaced

Property damage

  • 9 homes were severely damaged

  • 16 homes sustained minor damage

  • The Kingdom Hall in Sisak sustained minor damage

Relief efforts

  • The Croatia branch appointed a Disaster Relief Committee. While observing COVID-19 precautions, the committee is working with two circuit overseers and local elders in the area to coordinate spiritual support and relief aid, including temporary housing for those displaced

We pray that Jehovah continues to give our brothers the strength that they need during this distressing time.—1 Peter 5:10.