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The map pictures the areas of western Canada that experienced significant flooding

NOVEMBER 26, 2021

“Atmospheric River” Floods Western Canada

“Atmospheric River” Floods Western Canada

From November 13 to 15, 2021, a weather event referred to as an “atmospheric river” brought record-setting rainfall to areas of British Columbia in western Canada. Twenty locations broke all-time daily rainfall records, with some areas receiving more than 250 millimeters (10 in.) of rain during the three-day storm. The rainfall caused floods and landslides that blocked highways, triggered evacuations, and stranded travelers.

Effect on Our Brothers and Sisters

  • None of our brothers were injured

  • 144 publishers were required to evacuate

  • At least 35 homes were damaged

Relief Efforts

  • The Canada branch appointed a Disaster Relief Committee (DRC)

  • The displaced brothers and sisters were accommodated by their relatives and fellow Witnesses in neighboring cities outside the evacuation zones

  • Circuit overseers and congregation elders are providing shepherding to affected families

  • Where deemed safe by the authorities, the DRC is coordinating with a Local Design/Construction group to evaluate homes for damage and remediation

  • All relief efforts are in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines

Many of the affected Witness families faced a similar evacuation order because of out-of-control wildfires just three months earlier in August 2021. As extreme weather events and natural disasters become more common, Jehovah’s people have benefited from heeding the direction to have emergency kits and provisions on hand.

Hardships caused by disaster may increase in frequency and scope, but we will not lose faith in Jehovah’s saving power.—Habakkuk 3:17, 18.