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In this aerial view of the construction site, the office building appears in the upper right-hand corner, and the four residence buildings are in the lower half of the image.

MARCH 22, 2019

Update: New Cameroon Branch Office Taking Shape

Over the past year, construction of the new branch facility in Cameroon has been underway. As shown in the photo above, partial structures of the four residences and office building are now in place. The new branch will accommodate 60 people and the office will have 71 workspaces. Current projections indicate that the facility will be ready for use near the end of December 2019. The following photo gallery provides an update on the progress of the work.

A rendering of the proposed branch facility


July 2018: The first layer of block has been added to Residence Three in the foreground.

August 2018: A perimeter wall will be installed around the entire property.

September 2018: The brickwork for the first floor is completed on Residence Four in the foreground.

October 2018: A view of what will be the main entry into the lobby of the office building.

December 2018: The steel roof structure is being installed on Residences Two and Three.