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APRIL 7, 2021

New World Translation Released in Cambodian

New World Translation Released in Cambodian

On April 3, 2021, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures was released in printed and digital format in the Cambodian language. The program was prerecorded and streamed to all congregations and groups in Cambodia. Brother Kenji Chichii, a member of the Japan Branch Committee, * released the Bible.

Cambodian is spoken by an estimated 16 million people. Over 1,100 publishers serve in the Cambodian-language field.

Brother Masahiro Harada, a member of the Japan Branch Committee, commented: “We believe that this translation will help readers see God’s beautiful qualities, such as love, compassion, and mercy. We hope that more honesthearted Cambodian people will be drawn to Jehovah by this translation and give praise to him.”

Two teams of six translators worked for four years to complete the project. A member of the translation team said: “The new Bible does not use archaic terms. It quickly touches my heart. Psalm 139:17 reflects my feelings: ‘So to me, how precious your thoughts are!’”

Another translator states: “I am confident that when the brothers read this new Bible, they will be drawn closer to Jehovah. It will warm their heart when they feel lonely. They will feel safe when faced with danger. They will have peace when they’re anxious. And they will be comforted when trials beset them.”

We are sure that this translation will help many more come to know their Grand Creator, Jehovah, and give him the honor and praise that he so rightly deserves.—Revelation 4:11.

^ par. 2 The Japan Branch oversees the work in Cambodia.