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Read online news stories related to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Resources are also available for legal and media professionals.


Supreme Court of Canada Refuses to Interfere With Disfellowshipping Procedure

The Supreme Court of Canada concluded that disfellowshipping procedures “are not adversarial, but are meant to restore the member to the Congregation.


Victory for Religious Freedom in Mongolia: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Registration Renewed

Jehovah’s Witnesses in the capital of Mongolia received a certificate from the City Council’s office officially granting permission to renew their religious entity.


Court in Sicily Reaffirms Patient Autonomy for Jehovah’s Witnesses

This ruling is the first time an Italian court has found a doctor criminally responsible for violating the fundamental right to have control over what is done to one’s own body in line with one’s beliefs.


Brothers in Northeast Congo Flee From Fighting

Despite being displaced, Jehovah’s Witnesses who have fled from their homes are gathering to worship and are actively sharing their Bible-based hope with others.


Righting a Wrong for Conscientious Objectors: Long-Awaited Ruling by South Korea Constitutional Court

In a landmark ruling, the Constitutional Court ordered the government of South Korea to rewrite the Military Service Act by the end of 2019 to include an alternative service option.