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Hematology (Oncology)

Management and Optimization of Hemostasis

Aminocaproic acid use in hospitalized patients with hematological malignancy: a case series.

Marshall A, Li A, Drucker A, Dzik W

Source‎: Hematol Oncol 2016;34(3):147-53.

Indexed‎: PubMed 25641349

DOI‎: 10.1002/hon.2189

Alternatives to allogeneic platelet transfusion.

Desborough MJ, Smethurst PA, Estcourt LJ, Stanworth SJ

Source‎: Br J Haematol 2016;175(3):381-92.

Indexed‎: PubMed 27650431

DOI‎: 10.1111/bjh.14338

Hemostatic efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics of a recombinant von Willebrand factor in severe von Willebrand disease.

Gill JC, Castaman G, Windyga J, Kouides P, Ragni M, Leebeek FW, Obermann-Slupetzky O, Chapman M, Fritsch S, Pavlova BG, Presch I, Ewenstein B

Source‎: Blood 2015;126(17):2038-46.

Indexed‎: PubMed 26239086

DOI‎: 10.1182/blood-2015-02-629873

Efficacy of recombinant activated Factor VII in patients with massive uncontrolled bleeding: a retrospective observational analysis.

Berkhof FF, Eikenboom JC.

Source‎: Transfusion 2009;49(3):570-7.

Indexed‎: PubMed 19040498

DOI‎: 10.1111/j.1537-2995.2008.02001.x

Tranexamic acid in oncology.

Seto AH, Dunlap DS.

Source‎: Ann Pharmacother 1996;30(7-8):868-70.

Indexed‎: PubMed 8826574

Combination of recombinant factor VIIa and fibrinogen corrects clot formation in primary immune thrombocytopenia at very low platelet counts.

Larsen OH, Stentoft J, Radia D, Ingerslev J, Sørensen B.

Source‎: Br J Haematol 2013;160(2):228-36.

Indexed‎: PubMed 23151086

DOI‎: 10.1111/bjh.12118

Postpartum hemorrhage: when uterotonics and sutures fail.

James AH, McLintock C, Lockhart E.

Source‎: Am J Hematol 2012;87 Suppl 1:S16-22.

Indexed‎: PubMed 22430921

DOI‎: 10.1002/ajh.23156

Bronchoscopic intratumoral injection of tranexamic acid: a new technique for control of biopsy-induced bleeding.

Zamani A.

Source‎: Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis 2011;22(5):440-2.

Indexed‎: PubMed 21577092

DOI‎: 10.1097/MBC.0b013e328346efb7

The potential role of recombinant activated FVII in the management of critical hemato-oncological bleeding: a systematic review.

Franchini M, Veneri D, Lippi G.

Source‎: Bone Marrow Transplant 2007;39(12):729-35.

Indexed‎: PubMed 17417659

Transcutaneous arterial embolization to control massive tumor bleeding in head and neck cancer: 63 patients' experiences from a single medical center.

Chou WC, Lu CH, Lin G, Hong YS, Chen PT, Hsu HC, Chen JS, Yeh KY, Wang HM, Liaw CC.

Source‎: Support Care Cancer 2007;15(10):1185-90.

Indexed‎: PubMed 17356807

Epsilon aminocaproic acid reduces transfusion requirements in patients with thrombocytopenic hemorrhage.

Kalmadi S, Tiu R, Lowe C, Jin T, Kalaycio M.

Source‎: Cancer 2006;107(1):136-40.

Indexed‎: PubMed 16708357

Management of bleeding in patients with advanced cancer.

Pereira J, Phan T.

Source‎: Oncologist 2004;9(5):561-70.

Indexed‎: PubMed 15477642

Effective hemostasis with rFVIIa treatment in two patients with severe thrombocytopenia and life-threatening hemorrhage.

Gerotziafas GT, Zervas C, Gavrielidis G, et al.

Source‎: Am J Hematol 2002;69(3):219-22.

Indexed‎: PubMed 11891811

The medical section of is designed as an informational resource primarily for use by clinicians and other health-care professionals. It provides neither medical advice nor treatment recommendations and does not substitute for an appropriately qualified health-care provider. The clinical literature cited is not published by Jehovah’s Witnesses, but it outlines transfusion-alternative strategies that might be considered. It is the responsibility of each qualified health-care provider to maintain awareness of new information, discuss options for care, and assist patients in making choices in accord with their medical condition, wishes, values, and beliefs. Not all listed strategies are appropriate or acceptable to all patients.

Patients: Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health-care provider regarding medical conditions or treatments. Check with a doctor if you suspect you are ill.

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