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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Gastrointestinal Surgery

Multimodality, Interdisciplinary, and Individualized Approach

Emergency subtotal colectomy in a Jehovah's Witness with massive lower gastrointestinal bleeding: challenges encountered and lessons learned.

Raman SR, Parithivel VS, Cosgrove JM.

Source‎: Am J Crit Care 2011;20(2):179, 176-8.

Indexed‎: PubMed 21362723

DOI‎: 10.4037/ajcc2011498

Pancreas and liver resection in Jehovah's Witness patients: feasible and safe.

Konstantinidis IT, Allen PJ, D'Angelica MI, Dematteo RP, Fischer ME, Grant F, Fong Y, Kingham TP, Jarnagin WR.

Source‎: J Am Coll Surg 2013;217(6):1101-7.

Indexed‎: PubMed 23880361

DOI‎: 10.1016/j.jamcollsurg.2013.05.020

Robotic right hepatectomy for giant hemangioma in a Jehovah's Witness.

Giulianotti PC, Addeo P, Bianco FM.

Source‎: J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Sci 2011;18(1):112-8.

Indexed‎: PubMed 20596878

DOI‎: 10.1007/s00534-010-0297-x

Right trisectionectomy of the liver for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma with bile duct invasion in a Jehovah's Witness.

Nishida S, Madariaga JR, Santiago S, Quintini C, Palaios E, Gyamfi A, Rico R, Hamamura K, Haider H, Moon JI, Levi DM, Casillas VJ, Bejarano PA, Tzakis AG.

Source‎: J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg 2007;14(3):312-7.

Indexed‎: PubMed 17520209

Complex liver resection for a large intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in a Jehovah's Witness: a strategy to avoid transfusion.

Barakat O, Cooper JR Jr, Riggs SA, Hoef JW, Ozaki CF, Wood RP.

Source‎: J Surg Oncol 2007;96(3):249-53.

Indexed‎: PubMed 17443725

Live donor liver transplantation without blood products: strategies developed for Jehovah's Witnesses offer broad application.

Jabbour N, Gagandeep S, Mateo R, Sher L, Strum E, Donovan J, Kahn J, Peyre CG, Henderson R, Fong TL, Selby R, Genyk Y.

Source‎: Ann Surg 2004;240(2):350-7.

Indexed‎: PubMed 15273561

Live donor liver transplantation: staging hepatectomy in a Jehovah's Witness recipient.

Jabbour N, Gagandeep S, Mateo R, Sher L, Henderson R, Selby R, Genyk Y.

Source‎: J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg 2004;11(3):211-214.

Indexed‎: PubMed 15235897

Pancreaticoduodenectomy without homologous blood transfusion in an anemic Jehovah's Witness.

Atabek U, Spence RK, Pello M, Alexander J, Camishion R.

Source‎: Arch Surg 1992;127(3):349-51.

Indexed‎: PubMed 1347993

The medical section of is designed as an informational resource primarily for use by clinicians and other health-care professionals. It provides neither medical advice nor treatment recommendations and does not substitute for an appropriately qualified health-care provider. The clinical literature cited is not published by Jehovah’s Witnesses, but it outlines transfusion-alternative strategies that might be considered. It is the responsibility of each qualified health-care provider to maintain awareness of new information, discuss options for care, and assist patients in making choices in accord with their medical condition, wishes, values, and beliefs. Not all listed strategies are appropriate or acceptable to all patients.

Patients: Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health-care provider regarding medical conditions or treatments. Check with a doctor if you suspect you are ill.

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