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Bioethics and Law

Respect for Autonomy and Informed Consent (Informed Choice)

Jehovah's Witnesses of Moscow and Others v. Russia. (opens new window)

Source‎: no. 302/02. §§ 132, 135, 136, ECHR 10 June 2010 (European Court of Human Rights). (opens new window)

Harvey v. Strickland. (opens new window)

Source‎: 350 S.C. 303, 309-10, 566 S.E. 2d 529, 533 (2002), Supreme Court of South Carolina (USA). (opens new window)

Refusal of blood by Jehovah's Witnesses and the patient's right to self-determination. (opens new window)

Ariga T.

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Legal and ethical issues in blood transfusion. (opens new window)

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Transfusion Alternative Health Care—Meeting Patient Needs and Rights. (opens new window)

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Relational autonomy or undue pressure? Family's role in medical decision-making. (opens new window)

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The ethics of blood management. (opens new window)

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Law, ethics, religion, and blood management. (opens new window)

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Management of Anaesthesia For Jehovah's Witnesses. Second Edition. (opens new window)

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