Viewpoints on the Origin of Life

People from different backgrounds explain what moved them to consider the existence of a Creator.

Monica Richardson: A Physician Explains Her Faith

She questioned whether birth was a miracle or if it had a designer. What conclusion did she draw from her experience as a physician?

Massimo Tistarelli: A Roboticist Explains His Faith

His high regard for science led him to question his belief in evolution.

Petr Muzny: A Law Professor Explains His Faith

He was born under a Communist regime. The idea of a Creator was considered to be nonsense. Notice what changed his mind.

Irène Hof Laurenceau: An Orthopedic Surgeon Explains Her Faith

Her work with leg prosthetics moved her to question her belief in evolution.

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Viewpoints on the Origin of Life

Biologists, biochemists, physicians, surgeons, and others comment on the origin of life after comparing their findings with what the Bible says.