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Reliable and Faith-Strengthening News

Reliable and Faith-Strengthening News

DECEMBER 1, 2021

 Jehovah’s Witnesses care deeply about their fellow believers. (1 Peter 2:17) Many of us feel the way Tannis, a sister in Kenya, does. She says, “I love to know what is happening to my dear brothers and sisters around the world.” How do Tannis and millions of other Witnesses stay informed? Since 2013, we have been able to do so via the Newsroom section of our website,

 The Newsroom features reliable reports about Jehovah’s Witnesses on topics such as Bible releases, disaster relief work, construction projects, and other significant events. It informs us about our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned because of their faith. The Newsroom also contains encouraging experiences related to preaching campaigns and the Memorial observance. Who researches these news articles, and how are they prepared?

Identifying and Reporting News Stories

 The Newsroom is managed by the Office of Public Information (OPI). This department is located at world headquarters and works under the direction of the Coordinators’ Committee of the Governing Body. OPI is made up of more than 100 brothers and sisters—many of them remote volunteers—including writers, researchers, visual artists, and translators. Others work as points of contact for government officials, academics, and the media. OPI is assisted by over 80 Public Information Desks (PID) at branches around the world.

 To prepare a news item, OPI works closely with the PIDs. Once our brothers identify a potential story, they research the topic and gather reliable information. This can include conducting interviews and speaking with experts. After they have gathered the facts, the news article is written, edited, proofread, illustrated with photos, and sent to the Coordinators’ Committee for approval.

Words of Appreciation

 How do our fellow worshippers feel about the Newsroom? Cheryl, a sister in the Philippines, says, “I truly love starting my day by reading news about Jehovah’s organization and his people.”

 Many readers speak of the difference they see between the Newsroom and other news media. Tatiana, in Kazakhstan, says: “I appreciate that I can trust the news on It is reliable and objective.” A sister in Mexico named Alma says: “Compared with the disturbing news from the traditional media, the Newsroom is very encouraging.”

 The Newsroom is not just reliable; it is also faith-strengthening. Bernard, in Kenya, says: “The Newsroom has helped me to view the brothers and sisters around the globe as my family, regardless of where they are. I am able to include their names and specific situations in my prayers.” A sister named Bybron, also in Kenya, says: “I always get excited when I see an article about a Bible release in a different language! These articles remind me that Jehovah is not partial.”

The Newsroom helps us to be specific when we pray about challenges facing our brothers and sisters around the world

 Even news stories about brothers facing persecution can have a positive effect. “Reflecting on their courage has really strengthened my faith,” says Jackline, in Kenya. “I always look out for what helps them to endure. I have learned how ‘simple’ things—such as prayer, Bible reading, and even singing—play a vital role in keeping our brothers strong.”

 A sister in Costa Rica named Beatriz appreciates the news items regarding natural disasters. She says: “The Newsroom allows me to see how our organization provides for the needs of our brothers in a fast, efficient, and loving way. That convinces me that this is Jehovah’s organization.”

 How grateful we are to receive up-to-date news about our worldwide brotherhood! This would not be possible without your donations to the worldwide work, many of which are made via Thank you for your generous contributions.