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A Small Box That Delivers Spiritual Food

A Small Box That Delivers Spiritual Food


 Jehovah’s Witnesses receive more spiritual food in digital form than ever before. But in many parts of the world, our brothers cannot afford Internet access. Others live in areas with frequent outages, slow Internet speeds, or no Internet at all.

 Nevertheless, many of our brothers and sisters can now download digital publications even without an Internet connection! How is this possible?

 JW Box is a small kit that is provided to congregations where Internet access is limited. It contains a router device purchased from a commercial firm, software developed by the Computer Department at Bethel, and digital publications and videos available on Each box costs approximately $75 U.S.

 At the Kingdom Hall, brothers and sisters connect their mobile devices to JW Box wirelessly and then download publications and videos. Even those who have older or inexpensive devices can connect. But if a congregation lacks Internet access, how does JW Box stay up-to-date? The branch periodically sends USB keys, which cost about $4 U.S. each, with new content from that can be loaded onto JW Box.

 How has JW Box helped our brothers? Nathan Adruandra, a father who lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, explains: “I tried for a long time to download the dramas ‘O Jehovah, . . . I Trust in You’ and Remember the Wife of Lot. But I was never successful, and that discouraged me. Now I can download these videos to my phone, and this helps us as parents to teach our children better.”

 A brother who helps congregations in Nigeria to set up JW Box says: “The brothers consider JW Box to be a special gift from Jehovah. They are thrilled that they can now easily download publications and videos from the Teaching Toolbox.”

 Over 1,700 kits have been sent to our brothers in Africa, Oceania, and South America, and plans are underway to send them to many more congregations. How are the costs of this arrangement covered? By donations to the worldwide work, many of which are made via Thank you for your generous support.