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“Let Your Light Shine”

“Let Your Light Shine”

(Matthew 5:16)

  1. 1. Jesus has commanded

    That we shine our light,

    Like the sun, impartial,

    Comforting and bright.

    Through the Holy Scriptures,

    Thoughts of peace are heard.

    May we now reflect his light

    As we teach God’s Word.

  2. 2. Let God’s Kingdom message

    Speak to ev’ry heart;

    Let it shine before us

    As we play our part.

    Light from Scripture guides us

    As we bring good news.

    Sharing truth with ev’ryone;

    Truth is theirs to choose.

  3. 3. Light from acts of kindness

    Brightens up this world,

    To our words adds beauty

    Like a priceless pearl.

    May our light keep shining

    As we do what’s right,

    Then our works will always be

    Pleasing in God’s sight.