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“Teaching the Word of God”

“Teaching the Word of God”

(Acts 18:11)

  1. 1. For those who teach the Word of God,

    There is a joyful share.

    The benefits that we receive

    Are far beyond compare.

    We imitate the Son of God

    And how he taught with love.

    And as we teach, the ones we’re helping

    Draw close to God above.

  2. 2. As teachers of Jehovah’s Word,

    We strive to do what’s right,

    So all may see sincerity

    As we reflect God’s light.

    With diligence we search God’s Word,

    For it has news to tell.

    So we can share our heart’s good treasure

    And teach ourselves as well.

  3. 3. Jehovah gives us all we need

    To teach his precious Word.

    So if we pray to ask for help,

    We know that we’ll be heard.

    We love what’s in the Word of God;

    What’s more, we know it’s true.

    And as we love the ones we’re teaching,

    They’ll soon be teachers too!