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Praise Jah With Me

Praise Jah With Me

(Psalm 146:2)

  1. 1. Praise Jah with me;

    Come! Let us sing!

    He gives us life, breath, and ev’ry good thing.

    Each day and night,

    His name we bless,

    Praising his love and his almightiness.

    We sing his praise, and his name we confess.

  2. 2. Praise Jah with me;

    He satisfies.

    He hears our prayers as our needs he supplies.

    His mighty arm

    Strengthens the weak;

    His holy spirit sustains all the meek.

    His name we praise; Of his power we speak.

  3. 3. Praise Jah with me;

    Our God is just.

    He brings us comfort, in him we can trust.

    Wrongs he will right;

    Hearts he will heal.

    Rich Kingdom blessings all mankind will feel.

    Come let us praise him with joy and with zeal!