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Oh, Walk With God!

Oh, Walk With God!

(Micah 6:8)

  1. 1. Oh, walk with God in modesty;

    Show loyal love, and be true.

    Stay close to Jehovah, leaning on him,

    And let his strength sustain you.

    Keep holding tight to his faithful Word;

    You’ll never drift away.

    So let God lead you by the hand

    As you listen and obey.

  2. 2. Oh, walk with God in holiness;

    Consider things that are pure.

    No matter how great temptations may be,

    He’ll help you to endure them.

    Whatever praiseworthy things there are,

    Whatever things are true,

    Continue to consider them,

    And our God will be with you.

  3. 3. Oh, walk with God in happiness;

    Rejoice that he is your Friend.

    Be thankful for all the gifts that he gives

    And blessings that are endless.

    Oh, walk with God, let your heart be glad;

    Express your joy in song.

    Your joy will show, and all will know,

    To Jehovah you belong.