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SONG 137

Faithful Women, Christian Sisters

Faithful Women, Christian Sisters

(Romans 16:2)

  1. 1. Sarah and Esther, Mary, Ruth, and others—

    All these were capable women, loyal wives.

    Godly devotion was foremost in their lives.

    They were faithful women, ones we know by name.

    There were others favored by Jehovah;

    Nameless in the record, their faith was just the same.

  2. 2. Goodness and courage, loyal love and kindness—

    Lovable qualities in all humankind,

    Virtues these excellent women bring to mind.

    They were fine examples we appreciate.

    In the same way now our Christian sisters

    Show a faithful spirit we all can imitate.

  3. 3. Mothers and daughters, sisters, wives, and widows,

    Willingly laboring, glad to do your part.

    Modest your bearing, submissive is your heart,

    Having God’s approval, may you never fear.

    Christian sisters, may Jehovah keep you

    Firm in your conviction, your prize is drawing near.