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SONG 125

“Happy Are the Merciful!”

“Happy Are the Merciful!”

(Matthew 5:7)

  1. 1. Our happy God is merciful,

    His mercy not just dutiful.

    He takes delight in kindly deeds

    And freely grants our daily needs.

    Repentant ones can be assured

    Their plea for mercy will be heard.

    Remembering that we are dust,

    He’s merciful and kind and just.

  2. 2. When we have sinned and feel distressed,

    When God’s forgiveness we request,

    Our Lord, Christ Jesus, showed the way

    To ask for mercy when we pray:

    “Forgive our debts, we beg of you,

    As we forgive our debtors too.”

    We then can let resentment go,

    And peace of mind and heart we’ll know.

  3. 3. When gifts of mercy we bestow,

    The giving spirit we should show.

    We give without desiring praise,

    Content with joy our gift conveys.

    Then God, who sees all things we do,

    Will be the One repaying you.

    Yes, happy are the merciful,

    In God’s eyes they are beautiful.

(See also Matt. 6:2-4, 12-14.)