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SONG 124

Ever Loyal

Ever Loyal

(Psalm 18:25)

  1. 1. Ever loyal to Jehovah,

    Loyal love we wish to show.

    As a people, dedicated,

    His commands we want to know.

    His advice will never fail us,

    And his counsel we obey.

    He is loyal; we can trust him.

    From his side we’ll never stray.

  2. 2. Ever loyal to our brothers,

    Sticking close in times of need.

    Ever caring, always trusting,

    Ever kind in word and deed.

    We show honor to our brothers

    And respect them from the heart.

    Ever loyal, ever closer,

    From their side we’ll never part.

  3. 3. Ever loyal to their guidance

    When our brothers lead the way.

    When they give us clear direction,

    May we loyally obey.

    Then the blessing from Jehovah

    Will be ours to make us strong.

    When we’re loyal, ever faithful,

    To Jehovah we’ll belong.