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SONG 112

Jehovah, God of Peace

Jehovah, God of Peace

(Philippians 4:9)

  1. 1. Jehovah, God of love,

    You have promised us your peace.

    So we ask you for your spirit;

    May its fruitage yet increase.

    Our faith in your dear Son,

    Who is loyal, ever true,

    Gives us access to your friendship;

    We are now at peace with you.

  2. 2. Your spirit aids our sight

    As your Word gives needed light.

    We are guided and protected

    In a world as dark as night.

    Until the time has come

    When all wars and terrors cease,

    May your spirit bless our efforts

    To maintain our godly peace.

  3. 3. You’ve gathered those you love,

    Both in heaven and on earth,

    We’re united by your spirit

    To proclaim the Kingdom’s birth.

    Your righteous Kingdom rule

    Soon will bring an end to war.

    Then the meek ones will delight to

    Live in peace forevermore.