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Just Around the Corner

Just Around the Corner


  1. 1. You can hear the songbirds singing,

    And you watch the clouds roll by.

    Then you’re walking in the valley

    As the sun shines in a clear blue sky.

    You’re welcoming your loved ones,

    And you can’t believe your eyes.

    Yes, this earthly Paradise

    Was just around the corner.

  2. 2. There’s a house down in the valley

    And a house high on the hill.

    There is singing by the river

    As the water flows and turns the mill.

    The golden fields are waiting.

    Let the harvesting begin.

    Once the world we’re living in

    Was just around the corner.


    It’s great to share with friends who care

    The things that we looked forward to.

    Now ev’ry tear has disappeared.

    The world is young, and life is new.

  3. 3. There’s the sound of happy voices

    And the scent of new mown hay.

    Now you’re calling to your loved ones

    As you start another perfect day.

    Then we thank our God, Jehovah,

    For his tender loving care.

    Yes, the blessings we all share

    Were just around the corner.


    And evʹry day I smile and say,

    “How good to see your happy face!”

    ʹCause once, it seemed, I only dreamed

    That you’d be in my warm embrace.

  4. 4. Waiting ʹround the corner

    Is a world I long to see.

    It’s a promise from Jehovah.

    It’s a guaranteed reality.

    And it’s hard to get downhearted

    When I think of what’s in store.

    It’s the day I’m waiting for,

    And it’s just around the corner.