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I Can Get Back Up

I Can Get Back Up


  1. 1. This loneliness I feel inside is hard to bear.

    Jehovah, I can see where I went wrong.

    Feeling so downhearted, I need strength to carry on.

    I’m yearning to be back where I belong.


    I remember things you taught me​—things I still recall​—

    The precious truths found in your Holy Word.

    That even if I stumble, even if I fall,

    I can get back up.

  2. 2. I know the ones who care for me,

    Who showed their love before,

    Those who love Jehovah from the heart.

    Your word is like a lamp that lights the way that leads me back.

    The road to life is where I want to be.


    Ev’rywhere I go, ev’rything I see, reminds me of the truth:

    The end is drawing near.


    So Jehovah, Father, please hear my prayer tonight

    And help me now, I’m in my time of need.

    You know that when I stumble so many times,

    I can get back up.


    I know Jehovah understands; sometimes I need a helping hand.

    He knows that I am weak and sees what others cannot see.

    He’s looking for the best in me.


    So I’m going to the hall tonight to feel the love I lost,

    Back to where I know I belong.

    And even if I stumble, even if I fall, I will get back up.

    I can get back up.