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  1. 1. I can feel lost sometimes,

    Like I’m drifting out to sea,

    When troubles in my life

    Take me far from Kingdom realities.

    But I’m never left in the lurch.

    Jehovah hears and sends out the search.


    He finds me, lifts me up in his arms.

    He carries me safely away from harm.

    He brings me back to his fold—my home, my family.

    I am never alone when I’m home.

  2. 2. There is no place like this.

    It’s a shelter from the storm

    Where I find peace and rest

    And loving friends who bring out the very best.

    So if you find you’re out on your own,

    Jehovah will hear your cries to come home.


    He’ll find you, lead you back with his voice,

    Remind you serving him was your best choice.

    He’ll bring you back to his fold—your home, your family.

    You are never alone when you’re home.


    How we’ll be singing:

    “You made it back! Welcome home!”

    It’s where you belong;

    And we’re so happy to see you.

    Now you’re home.

    You are home.


    He found you, lifted you up in his arms.

    He carried you safely away from harm.

    He brought you back to his fold.

    You’ll never be alone

    When you’re home.