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Memorize Bible Books (Part 3)

Memorize Bible Books (Part 3)


  1. 1. Matthew—How Jesus came to earth and taught us all.

    Mark—Miracles showed Jesus is God’s Son.

    Luke—We can learn from all the stories Jesus told.

    John—Like Lazarus, the dead can live again.

    Acts—How Kingdom preaching spread throughout the world.

    Romans—Explaining how God’s mercy reaches all.

    First Corinthians—It teaches us what true love really is.

    Second Corinthians—God loves us when we’re willing to forgive.

    Galatians—Do good to ev’ryone, and don’t give up.

    Ephesians—It teaches us how fam’ly life should be.

    Philippians—Keep focused on what’s true and good and right.

    Colossians—Obedience brings joy, as you will see.

    First Thessalonians—Anytime, anywhere, we can pray.

    Second Thessalonians—No matter what, Jehovah helps his friends.

    First Timothy—He knew the Holy Scriptures from his youth.

    Second Timothy—He bravely helped the congregation grow.

    Titus—The elders need to know how much we care.

    Philemon—His former slave became his Christian friend.

    Hebrews—We need our weekly meetings, one and all.

    James—All good gifts and perfect presents come from God.

    First Peter—Christ left a model we must imitate.

    Second Peter—Jehovah wants his people to be clean.

    First John—We prove our love for God when we obey.

    Second John—Keep walking in the truth with loyalty.

    Third John—Keep showing Christian hospitality.

    Jude—Don’t let Satan win. Let’s fight to do what’s right.

    Revelation—Tells how the Paradise will come to be.


    The Bible is the greatest book of all.

    Jehovah is its Author, you’ll recall.

    Let’s read it ev’ry day to learn it and obey.

    The Bible is the greatest book of all.