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Memorize Bible Books (Part 2)

Memorize Bible Books (Part 2)


  1. 1. Jeremiah—In spite of opposition, he still preached.

    Lamentations—The sadness that God’s people suffered then.

    Ezekiel—A watchman who gave warnings faithfully.

    Daniel—Jehovah saved him from the lions’ den.

    Hosea—How loyal love surpasses sacrifice.

    Joel—Salvation when God’s Judgment Day begins.

    Amos—We need to hate the bad and love the good.

    Obadiah—The Edomites would perish for their sins.

    Jonah—God used a fish to turn this man around.

    Micah—Jehovah simply asks that we do good.

    Nahum—God’s prophecy that Nineveh must fall.

    Habakkuk—Jehovah’s day will come right when it should.

    Zephaniah—“The great day of Jehovah [God] is near!”

    Haggai—The precious ones to God are gathered in.

    Zechariah—Has prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

    Malachi—He told how Jesus’ preaching would begin.


    The Bible is the greatest book of all.

    Jehovah is its Author, you’ll recall.

    Let’s read it ev’ry day to learn it and obey.

    The Bible is the greatest book of all.